Awning Windows are Great for Rainy Days

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Awning windows are unique windows that are hinged at the top and open at the base. They are designed to improve the ventilation in your home and offer distinct aesthetic value. Homeowners residing in the cities of Milwaukee and West Allis can also install these windows in places that are difficult to reach. Here are some benefits this window style.

Enhanced Airflow

Ridge Top Exteriors has helped homeowners in Milwaukee to improve the airflow in their homes with high quality windows which provide great outdoor views as well as improved ventilation. In addition, awning windows will allow you to enjoy fresh air on a rainy day since they can be kept open without permitting rain water to come into the home.

Better Security

When you install awning windows in your home, you are automatically improving the security of your residence. The windows we supply are designed to open by a couple of inches at the base so they are difficult to break into even when open. When they are shut, they can be locked securely from inside. The dimensions of the windows, with a broad base and short height make it difficult for burglars to pass through it.

Improved Illumination

Our specially designed awning windows can serve a dual purpose. They can provide the beautiful external views you get from fixed windows and also offer you enhanced ventilation. With awning windows you can enjoy a flood of natural light during the day and enjoy all its benefits including reduction in energy bills and improved physical illumination.

Design Versatility

ridge top exteriors offers milwaukee homeowners versatile options with top quality awning windows

Awning windows are one of the most versatile you can use in your home as they can be installed in places that are difficult to reach including areas close to your the ceiling. They enable you to bring in light and air at any height without worrying about the effects of bad weather with optional grills to enhance privacy.

Learn More about the Benefits of Awning Windows

The features of these windows are not limited to the ones listed above. For additional information on how you can harness the advantages of awning windows in Milwaukee,, West Allis and surrounding Wisconsin cities, give us a call now. We will provide you with free consultation and quotes for any window installation job you need on your property. Ridge Top Exteriors offers high quality energy efficient vinyl windows with professional installation service at competitive and affordable prices.