Ceiling Leak Causes | Milwaukee, WI

  Ceiling LeakFinding the entrance source of water into your home can be tricky since water can travel sideways and a long way before it settles in a pool eventually leaking indoors. If you have noticed staining on your ceiling, walls or around your windows, this is a sure sign of water intrusion. Bigger leaks are easier to pinpoint than a slower drip that is just a few drops. However, minor small leaks can lead to much larger problems such as roof sheathing and rafters to rot. More importantly, it can destroy insulation, and cause it to mold which can be a health hazard. When you discover a leak, save yourself time and money by having a thorough investigation performed to identify the source of the water instrusion starting with the most obvious points of entry. There are a few guidelines that can help you assess the type of leak even if you aren’t able to outwardly determine the source of the leak so you’ll know which type of professional repair service to contact. If the ceiling leak only happens when it’s raining then dries out between rains, or if it’s moldy and isolated to one location it’s very likely a roof leak. Ceiling Mold from Roof LeakBut if the ceiling tiles and walls have large areas of mold in several rooms, such as bedrooms and baths then it probably isn’t from a ceiling leak but a different issue due to insufficient insulation in the ceiling.Mold spread damp house Warm air rises and in the winter when the air hits a cold surface it will condense.

Mold thrives on warm damp surfaces. When the mold bacteria develops it can propagate rapidly all over your ceiling. This is potentially harmful and should be removed promptly especially if it is black mold. If the ceiling leak is under a second floor, especially if it’s Ceiling Leakleaking whether it’s raining or not then chances are good that the leak source is plumbing related. Other indicators to check are your fixtures and water supply lines if the ceiling drip water seems clean.

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