Chimney Flashing Repair
Milwaukee Roofing Contractor

Our method for either installing chimney flashing or making a repair starts the same by putting down an ice and water shield barrier. A sheet of GAF WeatherWatch is layered over the roof deck and under the shingle course with enough excess to cover a bit of the chimney stack side. At the low side of the chimney a new flashing strip is put in. Along the sides new step flashing is installed between each shingle line. Counter flashing is fastened over the top of the step to keep it water proof.

Lastly, the joints between the chimney flashing and the chimney brick are sealed with a tri-polymer sealant. Ridge Top Exteriors’ chimney flashing installation and repair surpass industry standards to ensure that the connection between the roof and chimney will stay watertight for decades.

When you need a chimney flashing repair due to weather deterioration or if for some reason the flashing is missing altogether then we recommend that you call us for a free inspection and repair estimate. Taking care of it quickly can ward off further, more expensive problems down the road.

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