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The metal drip edge installed on your roof helps to control the flow of water and protect other roof components below it. But this part of your roof, which is sometimes overlooked, can also be a source of leakage. Here are some important facts you should know about the roof drip edge and why it leak.

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Drip Edge

What is the Roof Drip Edge?

A drip edge is a projecting flat piece of metal that is usually installed under the initial row of shingles. The metal edge can also be

along the sides of a roof depending on the type of roof installation. Its basic function is to enable water from rain or snow to run into the roof gutter rather than flowing directly unto the fascia board. In most residential buildings, the standard drip edge is created with a 90-degree angle. It has one short side and a longer side. The longer edge is nailed below the singles and the shorter edge extends over the roof gutter.

Importance of the Roof Drip Edge

A drip edge plays a vital role in the roof of your home. First, it protects the fascia board from water damage. If this board gets soaked, it will eventually start to rot and develop cracks and holes which can become a home for bugs, pests, and other small animals. Also, the metal contour provides structural support to the shingles above the fascia. It prevents the shingles from curling down or cracking which can cause water to run down unto the ceiling. In addition, a well installed drip edge will cover up tiny gaps between the fascia and roof deck so that birds and other tiny animals will not find any opening they can chew at till they get into your attic. The drip edge is also a perfect component for sealing your roof’s ice-to-water shield.

Causes of Drip Edge Leaks

Wrong drip edge installation:

Your roof’s drip edge could leak for a number of reasons. But the principal cause of leakage is often incorrect installation. The first sign of wrong installation is that you will notice that rain water drips from beneath the rain gutter. You may also see some dirty streaks or stains on the gutter board. This could be caused by rain water that splashed up from the gutter and seeped between the metal drip edge flashing and the flange of the roof gutter. Water that goes behind the gutter will cause peeling of paint, rusting of nails and other fasters as well as wood rot. To rectify this situation, you should call Ridge Top Exteriors of West Allis to adjust the position of the drip edge above the gutter.

We can also help you re-position your rain gutter.

Short wood decking:

In some cases, the wood decking below the shingles does not extend all the way to the fascia where the gutter is attached. The drip edge can fall into the gap and cause it to flip up. This will create a trough where water can pool and cause major roof leakage. You should consult your Milwaukee County roofing expert, Ridge Top Exteriors to help you extend the wooden deck so your roof shingles can extend by at least one inch over the roof gutter. We can can also help you fix this by installing a new drip edge. This new metal edge should be wider than the previous one.

The importance of a properly installed roof drip edge cannot be overemphasized. If you notice any water dripping below your roof gutter or at the edge of the roof shingles, you should request Ridge Top Exteriors Milwaukee to come out to perform an inspection and make any necessary repairs immediately.