Emergency Roof Repairs Milwaukee, WI

An emergency roof repair could be required on your Milwaukee residential, rental or commercial property anytime unexpected damage occurs. If the shingles are torn off or the decking and other important parts are badly damaged by a storm, your roof will require the immediate attention of a professional roofer to prevent further damage to your property.

We provide roof leak emergency repair service in Milwaukee, WI and surrounding cities. With combined years of experience that span many decades, our team of licensed professional roofers are fully equipped to handle emergencies. Immediately you give us a call, we will be at your site to assess the level of damage and provide a temporary cover within a few hours.

Causes of Roofing Emergencies

Emergency roof repairs have natural and made-made causes. In most cases, natural causes such as fallen tree limbs, lightning, fire, build up of ice due to snow, and very high winds that can rip off roof shingles cannot be prevented because they are controlled by Mother Nature.

However, damage that occurs due to bad installation practices, neglect, irregular maintenance, roof flashing failures, and similar reasons are man-made. With correct installation, proper maintenance, and regular roof checks by a professional roofer, these kind of emergencies can be avoided. Regardless of the cause of the emergency repair, we are prepared to deliver fast roof repair services to forestall further damage to your property and safeguard your belongings.

What To Do When A Roofing Emergency Occurs

milwaukee-wi-emergency-roof-leak-repair-serviceAvoid any form of panic. Remember that the safeguarding of your life and property should be your top priority. So take steps to seal off the interior of the building by covering the ceiling with a thick plastic sheet. This should prevent water or ice from getting into the internal parts of the building. Where possible, move furniture items and other belongings that could be damaged by water to other sections of the house where the roof is still intact.

Take time to do a visual inspection of the building and use a digital camera or mobile device to snap photos of the damaged roof. Do all you can to safeguard your property but please, do not attempt to repair the roof yourself. Climbing up a damaged roof is very dangerous and it could lead to fatal injuries.

Before you finish taking the initial safety precautions, make sure you give us a call. Within a few hours, one of our roofing specialists will come to assess the level of damage and create an estimate for the repairs required. We will also cover your roof temporarily to protect it against water and other elements before the final roof repair project begins. To ensure that you get the best deal from your home insurer, we will help you to provide your insurance agent with all the needed details about the level of repair required on your roof.

24-hour-emergency-roof-repairs-milwaukeeCall Ridge Top Exteriors (414) 291-7663 for a free consultation about your emergency roof repairs in Milwaukee, WI. We will provide you with all the details required to help you understand the type of repairs we want to carry out your roof. To make it easier for us to complete repair work quickly we can come to your property at the most convenient time for you, including weekends. Our roof repairs are backed by service warranties and we ensure that do a full clean up of the environment before we leave.