Pro-Start Starter Strip

gaf pro-start starter strip milwaukee roofing contractorPro-Start Starter Strip is a superior quality roofing material that is placed on the roof underlayment before the starter shingles are nailed unto the deck. It is usually positioned above the roof eave or roof rake and it prevents the shingles from getting blown off due to strong winds.

This specially designed starter strip comes with a factory fitted adhesive that is well positioned to provide a very tight lock for the roof shingles.

Uses of Pro-Start

Pro-Start is used mainly for roofing residential buildings but it may be applied on any kind of building where roof shingles are installed. The starter strip is the very first layer of material installed on top of the underlayment. It provides the resistance required to withstand wind and stop the most vulnerable shingles from lifting up and causing major damage to the rest of the roof. Pro-Start is commonly used as a cost effective alternative to manually cut three tab shingles, and it is compatible with metric-sized and standard English shingles.

Why Pro-Start is the Home owner’s and Professional Roofer’s Choice

Discerning home owners choose Pro-Start starter strip because superior warranties come with this product from GAF. GAF, the renowned roof products manufacturer, provides more wind coverage on GAF shingles when these starter strips are installed. Additionally, they are covered by the well known GAF lifetime limited warranty. Other reasons why roof installers and home owners usually insist on using this product are provided below.

Better Appearance

Every home owner desires to have an aesthetically pleasing roof and using Pro-Start makes this possible. The roof edges come out straight and clean. There is no unsightly black cement residue coming unto the newly installed white edge metal. Also, the patented Dura Grip adhesive, that is added to the starter strips from the factory, is more secure than any manually added adhesive. It holds down the roof edges at the roof eaves and rakes.GAF Pro Start Starter Strip

Safer and Easier Installation

Professional roofers are aware of the time-tested benefits of using Pro-Start. First, it saves precious time and labor that would have been spent cutting out three tab starter strips from roof shingles. A lot of material is also saved because there are no shingle scraps. That means that landfill waste will be eliminated. This savings could then be passed on to the home owner. Next, Pro-Start provides more than 70% additional coverage per bundle than strip shingles. Precisely, a bundle of this starter strip can cover about 120.3 feet when it is split into two. Hence, less material will be carried up to the roof. In addition, the perforations on this starter strip make it so easy to separate the two halves – no cutting is required.

Secure Installation

Using Pro-Start gives both home owners and professional roofers additional peace of mind. Tests conducted by GAF, over the years, have revealed that using these starter strips at roof eaves and rakes prevents the roof from getting blown off due to wind storms. It also reduces potential leaks due to removal of starter shingles. In essence, this can save a substantial amount of money that will be required to re-roof any damaged sections of the roof. When roofers use Pro-Start starter strips, they add the quality required to prevent accidents and losses that can occur at the most vulnerable portion of the roof. They also enjoy the extended warranty provided by the manufacturer.


Pro-Start by GAF is one of the best starter strip products available today. In fact, it has become an industry standard product used by most professional roofers. Milwaukee homeowners, will appreciate the significance of securing the roof eaves and roof rake with starter strips before also insist that this starter strip should be placed on the roof underlayment before the starter shingles are installed.