Picture Windows Can Beautify and Illuminate Your Home

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Picture windows provide the perfect solution for natural lighting, scenic external views, thermal insulation and enhancement of the overall appearance of a home. With the amazing capacity to fit into any section of your home, these picture windows can be used to create a beautiful focal point and serve as a source of visual inspiration and emotional comfort.

Large panes give you a unique external view as the horizon changes from day to day and from season to season. Here are some of the key benefits you will gain when you install energy-efficient picture windows in your home.

Natural Illumination

Picture windows can bring in abundant natural light into a room with or without extra ventilation. Natural light brightens up your home. It makes your rooms look larger and enhances the beauty of your interior design. Apart from helping you to save money on your energy bills, natural light boosts your physical energy levels and improves your mood. The light that comes through your picture windows will also serve as natural disinfectant, inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, mold, fungi and other undesirable micro-organisms.

Aesthetic Improvement

Picture windows derive their name from the attraction and beautiful scenes they add to the home. Looking through a large pane is similar to looking at a beautiful piece of art. Few design elements in a home can add the type of natural beauty that these windows can bring into your room. Picture windows blend with virtually all interior designs and fit into various sizes of window spaces alone or with other types of windows. You may even add special custom frames and grids to the design to give your windows a distinct character.

Scenic Natural Views

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With picture windows installed in home, it is quite easy to see a stunning view of Milwaukee from your living room or bedroom. In fact, if you live in West Allis or Greendale, you should install large picture windows in your patio to have a panoramic view of your neighborhood and other parts of your community, especially when your home is situated in a slightly elevated area. Through your picture windows, you can catch a glimpse of the unique appearance of the horizon at sunrise and sunset. Picture windows are simply the best way to bring the refreshing views of the natural environment into your home.

Thermal Insulation

With the thermal insulation and energy efficiency of picture windows, you can make your home more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Picture windows have a special insulation consisting of thermally insulated frames and multiple-paned glass. The thermal efficiency may be increased by adding inert gases into the spaces between the glass panes. Consequently, you will pay less to heat your home in winter or to keep it cool in summer. This reduction in energy bills provides a sound financial reason to invest in picture windows since you will recover the cost through energy cost savings.

Energy Efficiency

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Installing picture windows is a wise investment in any home. In addition to the beautification, natural light and amazing views, it will help you to save money. Well built picture windows such as the EnergyMax® brand provide significant savings on utility bills because of its top-notch spacer systems, energy efficient glass panes, and sturdy mainframes. No matter how big your window space is, EnergyMax® windows will fit in and give you peace of mind.


Picture windows will bring in amazing natural beauty into your living space. The natural light it provides will keep all inhabitants healthy while the superb thermal insulation will help you to save money on energy bills for decades to come.