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Ridge Top Exteriors Milwaukee provides fast, effective repairs for wind, hail and other storm damage.

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A well-made, expertly installed roof can withstand more than you think; storms, rain, wind, snow, extreme cold or heat.  Homeowners dread storms, but the chances that a storm will destroy your roof are usually slim.  Even though you may fear the worst when you hear hail pounding your shingles, sometimes all you need is roof repairs.  A repair may be relatively minor, but it saves you real headaches later on—especially the big headaches that water leaks can cause.

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You may have seen TV commercials that peddle rubber patches or duct tape that can seal even the hole on the side of the Titanic, but there’s a big catch: Consider the case of a homeowner who had water dripping from a door frame, climbed up on the roof, found some damage, and used roof tar to successfully stop the leak.  Problem solved in less than an hour and for just a few bucks—or so he thought.  What he actually accomplished was redirect the water to the interior wall; no longer seeing a visible leak, he figured the problem was fixed.  But that’s how a homeowner can create a bigger, more expensive problem that could cause electrical issues, create mold, require dry wall repair, and sometimes even ruin an expensive wood floor.

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That’s why we’re here.  At Ridge Top Exteriors, we’re not only certified experts when it comes to roofing, but we have years of experience serving homeowners just like you.  We don’t just sell and install new roofs; we do residential and commercial roof repairs: By doing things right the first time, by identifying the problem and fixing it (rather than covering it up only to cause bigger problems down the road), we’ll extend the life of your roof and make sure the roof over your home or business is safe and well cared for.  We’ve been the go-to roofing company for many years now, but don’t wait until you need a new roof to call us.  Make sure to give us a call if you need a roof inspection or require true experts for roof repairs.  Ridge Top Exteriors has the experience and friendly service to serve you—and as always our estimates are absolutely free!  Give us a call today; the little you’ll spend on a roof repair may end up saving you a whole lot!

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