Replacement Windows West Allis/Milwaukee

Energy efficient windows installation service.Energy efficient windows can save Milwaukee county homeowners thousands of dollars in heating and air conditioning costs over the years. Not to mention that you’ll enjoy being more comfortable in your home too!

So what does an energy efficient window mean anyway? Isn’t a window just a piece of glass that keeps out the rain, ice, cold and heat? Well yes that is the basic function of some windows, but higher quality windows do a much more efficient job which results in the best value for your money.

When you’re investing in window replacements for your West Allis home, you’ll want to look over styles and options West Allis Windows and Sidingto ensure that you’re getting the best for your money. This is why Ridge Top Exteriors of West Allis has partnered with one of America’s premier window manufacturers to produce a line of high performance, low maintenance windows built to our own specifications, based on our experience with thousands of homeowners across America. The result is EnergyMax, our own private label window brand.

The ratings on our EnergyMax windows have been certified by truly reliable sources of the three major 3rd party independent agencies, such as the EPA’s Energy Star Program, National Fenestration Rating Council, and The American Architectural Manufacturers Association.

Our EnergyMax Windows have the outstanding energy efficient characteristics that set them apart from other window manufacturers.

Window panes are important and ENERGY STAR qualified windows have two or more panes of glass – this offers much more energy efficiency and makes them great sound insulators at the same time. The durability and structural integrity of these multi-paned windows is unsurpassed. This creates a very effective insulation barrier and is much more effective than the traditional single pane windows.

Ridge Top Exteriors EnergyMax brand windowsWe offer the most popular frame options in wood composites, vinyl, and fiberglass frames because they reduce heat that is transferred and help insulate better – keeping the hot and cold where it should be and not allowing it to escape in or out of your Milwaukee area home.

Give us a call or visit our West Allis showroom to have a look at the available options for window styles and then we’ll get started with your window replacement  project so you can begin enjoying your new view tomorrow!