TimberTex Ridge Cap Shingles

premium timbertex ridge cap shingles milwaukee rooferTimbertex Premium Ridge Cap Shingles provide a high level of protection against leakage and give the roof a dramatic look.

Commonly installed at the ridges and hips of the roof, this ridge cap seals the shingles at the apex of the roof slope and provides the best roof ridge protection. Timbertex has been designed to give the entire roof a distinctive and perfect finish. That is why professional roofers use this unique fiberglass and asphalt shingle to seal up the ridge. Smart homeowners also request for this high quality ridge cap made by GAF – the largest manufacturer of roofing products in North America.

Uses of Timbertex

Timbertex may be installed on steep sloping roofs of residential buildings to give a unique upscale appearance. It gives multi-layer protection to the parts of the roof that need to withstand the highest amount of stress – the ridges and hips. Since these are the most vulnerable parts of the roof where the wind moves at very high speeds, it is very important to make use of specially designed protective ridge cap shingles. In addition to the protection offered by Timbertex, the extra thickness makes the roof look more attractive.

Why Timbertex Stands Out Among Ridge Cap Shingles

Professional roofers and well-informed homeowners usually opt for Timbertex because of its beauty, enhanced thickness, and the labor and cost savings it offers during installation. Here is a short explanation of the benefits provided by this premium quality ridge cap shingle.multiple layer protection ridge caps GAF Timbertex

A Distinctive Appearance

The multi-layer design with a relatively large 8” exposure gives a thickness that is up to 195% greater than cut strip shingles. In order to complement the color of the roof shingles, Timbertex has been designed with various shades and colors that can enhance the aesthetics of the entire roof. To keep the roof looking attractive for many years, this ridge cap shingle is equipped with StainGuard – a proprietary technology that protects the ridge cap against unpleasant growth of algae.

Strong Adhesion

Timbertex provides excellent roof ridge protection; it stays in place in all types of weather. The Dura Grip adhesive provides a tight seal and eliminates the risk of having any ridge cap shingle blown off by a wind storm. This self-seal adhesive bonds effectively with the roof shingles below it. There is no need to manually add any adhesive to the roof shingles before nailing them together.

Fast and Cost-Effective Installation

Professional roofers choose Timbertex for most residential roofing projects because it has an enhanced pre-scored design. This makes it very easy to tear the pieces into two manually. There is no need to cut any shingle strips on the roof. Additionally, the eight-inch exposure provided by Timbertex reduces the total number of shingles that need to be installed when you compare it with the cut-up strips. Each Timbertex shingle is 12 inches wide so it fits well on most of the ridge vents used on residential roofs. durable ridge cap shingles gaf timbertex


Generally, Timbertex will not require any replacement throughout the lifetime of the roof. Each shingle consists of multiple layers of material. Each layer has granules, a core surrounded by two layers of asphalt and a coarse granule backing, and the adhesive is placed underneath all the layers of material. This multi-layered design makes it almost impossible for the ridge cap protection to fail. So even after half a century, the ridge cap should still be intact without any form of cracking.


Timbertex ridge cap shingles provide lifetime protection for the ridge and as well as other field shingles. When a distinctive, uniform, and upscale finish is required, these roof cap shingles offer one of the best results in the industry. They are very quick and easy to install and they give the homeowner peace of mind.