Shingle Mate High Quality Roof Protection

gaf reinforced roof deck protection shingle mateShingle Mate roof deck protection is a high quality material that is installed between the roof deck and shingles. Designed by GAF, the well known producer of premium quality roofing materials, this roof underlayment prevents water from rain or snow from entering and penetrating into the roof deck. It is usually classified along with tar paper or felt but it provides far better protection and durability because it is reinforced with fiberglass. That is why Shingle Mate can lay straight on your roof deck without buckling. So in addition to providing protection against water-infiltration, it also enhances the beauty of the roof. Here are some important facts and features of Shingle Mate roof deck protection.

Uses of Shingle Mate

Shingle Mate is used mainly in residential, steep-slope roofing applications. It is ideal for roofs that require water-resistant protection, especially in places that are prone to rain storms, excessive snow, or ice damming. This roof underlay will protect the roof deck for a longer time if it gets exposed to the weather. Shingle Mate is compatible with a variety of roof decks including wood plank and plywood. It may be used with non-asphaltic roofing systems. Due to its versatility and relative low cost per square meter, this roof deck protection material is used instead of #30 felt.

Why Shingle Mate is Preferred to Similar Products

rumpled standard roof felt

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In addition to lower price and better quality, Shingle Mate is preferred by home owners and professional roofers for several reasons including, better aesthetics, durability, and more efficient installation.

More Attractive Roofing

Home owners prefer to use this roof underlayment because it lays flatter than organic #30 felt. Conventional felt underlay can easily become wrinkled and telegraph below the roof shingles. Also, Shingle Mate looks better than ordinary felt because of the fiberglass reinforcement. The absence of bumpy-looking shingles and the GAF warranty also make this product a good choice for professionals who want to protect their reputation in the industry.
shingle mate fiberglass reinforced roof deck underlayment felt

Photo Credit: GAF Shingle Mate product brochure

Better Protection

This unique reinforced underlayment from GAF provides better protection than standard felt. Unlike like bubbled felt, the synthetic surface on Shingle Mate does not require any slitting. Hence, the waterproof integrity of the roof system will not be compromised. Shingle Mate also provides better vapor protection for slate, metal and other non-asphaltic roofing shingles. For home owners who need to roof or re-roof their homes on a budget, but need better underlayment protection than standard felt, this material can meet their needs reasonably well.

Easier Installation for Roofing Professionals

Roofing professionals enjoy installing Shingle Mate on their client’s roofs because it rolls out faster than normal #30 felt. Due to its lightweight, it can easily be lifted up to the deck and handled effectively by both new and experienced roofers. It also has a 4-square coverage which enhances the installation process. This saves precious time and allows the installation to be completed by the project deadline. Although Shingle Mate is not meant to be left exposed to precipitation or moisture, it may be installed quickly on a cold morning. This means that the installation team can start working on the roof very early, in more comfortable weather, and complete a major portion of the job before the scorching heat of the sun comes on. Additionally, while working on a steep sloping roof, placing Shingle Mate on the deck makes it easier for the roofers to walk safely on its surface.

In Summary

Shingle Mate roof deck protection by GAF is a good quality underlayment material for residential roof decks. It meets the requirements of most homeowners in a cost effective way. It lays flatter and looks better than standard felt. This versatile underlayment can also be applied on various kinds of roof decks.

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