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We at Ridge Top Exteriors believe that every homeowner is — and should be — a designer:

It’s not a matter of studying design like the people you see on TV shows, but rather a matter of creating and living in a home that’s your own.  Your home, after all, ought to reflect your taste, your sense of style, your family’s character and personality.  That’s what makes it your own—and we want to help you achieve just that.

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It’s why Ridge Top Exteriors will guide you through the differences between different types of siding, and the benefits that each has.  We’ll walk you through the options you have when it comes to materials and features, and turn a process that can be daunting into a process that’s comfortable and maybe even fun!  We’ll help you navigate the array of shapes and colors until you find the one you’ll fall in love with.  If your home has brick or stone features, we’ll help you select options that best fit that style.  Whether your home is a historic Victorian home whose character you want to preserve, an elegant Craftsman, a beautiful Colonial or French Country house, or any other style, we’ll help you choose siding that matches it perfectly and makes it look more beautiful than it’s even been before.

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We know that when you’re looking for siding, you expect some must-have benefits, such as resistance to air and water, durability, and more—but we also believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice curb appeal to get all that.  So we’ll actually come to your home, take a look at its features (gables, a porch, shutters, or anything else that adds a special touch) up close, the angles, the layout, all the details that make it special, and help you find just the right siding tailored to your specific home. No, this won’t cost you anything extra; if anything, we’ve always offered free home inspections and free, no obligation estimates because we want to win you over.  We take pride in our reputation, have glowing reviews, and thousands of satisfied home owners you can contact directly to ask about us—and that’s only possible when you listen carefully, understand homeowners’ needs, only use great products, and only hire expert installers to make sure nothing is left to chance.  If you’re looking for siding options that add your special touch and style to your home, call Ridge Top first; it will be a pleasure to serve you!

We would love to help you find your style!


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