Benefits of Sliding Windows

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Extremely simple to use and quite appealing, slider windows can open horizontally, either from the right or from the left side. These beautiful windows provide a wide view to the outside scenery, enabling you to take in the view every single day.

One of the leading feature of these windows is the large view. These modern windows can easily glide across the bar placed in the middle of the encasement, allowing you to enjoy an expanded view of your back yard or front terrace. If you enjoy looking out on the window and your front-house panorama is astounding, sliding windows could make quite a good buy.

In order to fully leverage the benefits of sliding windows, you can choose a 3-lite slider. This type of slider window has a fixed window in the middle and one sliding window on each side that can be opened whenever you want. Due to their modern appearance and unobtrusive design, 3-lite sliders can be installed in any type of room that has enough horizontal space.

Another aspect that makes slider windows unique is the fact that they can easily complement any type of interior design and style, including but not limited to ranch, prairie, deco and modern. Because of their design, many people find slider windows much more useful for their interior spaces.

Crank-style windows are a little more work to operate than sliding windows. The latter can easily open and close without protruding, which makes them an excellent choice for any type of room that faces porches, patios and walkways. Contemporary style homes can make the most out of slider windows, because they are more spacious and usually feature better views.

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There are two main types of sliding windows: single slider and double slider. While in a single slider window only one sash slides open and closed, double sliders enable both sashes to slide to the middle so both ends can be opened for more air flow. Here are some of the main advantages of slider windows for your home:

  • Durable: pulleys and spring wear in time. On the other hand, slider windows do not wear in time, because they do not rely on springs or pulleys. Additionally, most types of slider windows make use of window glazing, which adds even more to their durability.
  • Minimal maintenance: these types of windows can be maintained with ease because they have fewer parts than traditional windows.
  • Easy to use: opening and closing these windows is a breeze for most people, requiring a low amount of dexterity and effort.
  • Energy efficient: due to window glazing, these windows enjoy an improved energy efficiency.

Capitalize on these replacement windows and maximize your view using the contemporary EnergyMax® windows. Our professional and well-built sliding windows in Milwaukee use a high area of glass, being the best space saving solution for your needs. Contact us today and place your order.