TigerPaw Underlayment

moisture barrier roof underlayment tigerpawTigerPaw is among the most effective synthetic underlayments used to protect roof decks from water leakage. When installed between the roofing materials and the roof deck, this underlayment works as moisture barrier helping to manage the quantity of moisture that will accumulate on top deck. Excellent roof deck protection is especially important where wind-driven rain or snowstorms occur. Even though the traditional asphalt-saturated felt paper has been employed for quite some time to cover the roof deck before laying down the shingles, it gets brittle quickly and buckles on the roof ultimately causing unpleasant appearance and displaced shingles. Hence, it is better to utilize synthetic underlayment. Here are one of the features which make GAF’s TigerPaw a fantastic choice for roof deck protection.

Efficient Moisture Barrier

Moisture from stormy rain and other sources could seep through roofing shingles. But a properly installed roof will have an underlayment to protect the roof deck which will help prevent water from getting to the ceiling and walls of the building. A highly effective underlayment will be able to block the moisture from the roof. A home with a properly ventilated attic with the non-breathable synthetic underlayment like TigerPaw will be sufficient for managing moisture from the roofing system. Tiger Paw prevents moisture better than any other leading brand of non-breathable underlayment.

Longer Lasting Roof Protection

In order to provide adequate protection to your roofing system, the lifespan of the underlayment should exceed the expected lifespan of the roofing materials and roof deck. That’s the reason GAF produces TigerPaw with proprietary polypropylene construction which is resistant against decay or disintegration. It does not permit the expansion of fungus, mildew or mold and it remains intact even after the asphalt shingles have started to deteriorate. Moreover, employing this popular roof underlayment with GAF roofing materials qualifies you a limited warranty for life.

Flat and Uniformly-Laid Shingles

With TigerPaw underneath the roof shingles, the roof of your home will have a beautiful finished appearance. Unlike conventional asphalt felts that buckle and wrinkle, and displace the roof shingles, TigerPaw stays in place. This helps the shingles to keep flat, uniform and visually appealing. Whether it be the starter shingles, ridge and hip shingles, or field shingles, the existence of this top-grade underlayment will affect their stability and alignment as time passes.tigerpaw smooth roof deck underlayment

Walkability and Tear Resistance

According to a 2014 GAF survey, conducted among their Master Elite Contractors, the most vital installation qualities of roof underlayment are safety, walkability, strength and tear resistance. Tiger Paw carries specially designed anti-skid back coating the improves walkability and makes it much simpler to roll out during installation. To boost the effectiveness of the system, GAF utilizes a non-woven design that is certainly greater than 6 times more tear resistant than 30 lbs. asphalt felt. Using nail pull-through strength that is at least 140 % higher in contrast to # 30 felt, this underlayment stays in place will not get blown off during quite strong wind storms.


TigerPaw underlayment is a roof deck protection by GAF and one of the best synthetics on the market for any Milwaukee building which has a well ventilated attic. It’s going to protect the roofing system which will help prevent damage brought on by roof leaks. Rather using cheaper roof felts, TigerPaw provides more protection giving you more value and overall savings. It is a powerful moisture barrier with long lasting strength and durability for an excellent roof finish.